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Freelance consultant whom develops smart SEO growth strategies for high traffic websites.

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With over 15+ years of experise and experience in organic SEO growth, I've been advising web and tech companies on developing a dominant SEO growth strategy. I identify and implement a technical growth strategy that leads to better search engine rankings and more traffic.

My expertise is focused on technical SEO and organic result optimalisation (featured snippets, rich snippets, knowledge panel, etc.). I apply these opportunities to obtain a dominant and competitive advantage in the search results.

Fundamental to my career is my experience with software development (as senior developer and CTO) which allows me to assist companies in implementing their growth strategy together with the existing development team.

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Yvo Schaap
Yvo Schaap
Founder & SEO Specialist

Voted as one of the best technical SEO consultants, 10+ years experience in front end development, previously CTO of Pararius, Holland's leading property portal. Proud Google results addict.

Technical SEO

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